[xmca] postponing xbdg (Ilyenkov) discussion for now

From: Steve Gabosch (sgabosch@comcast.net)
Date: Fri Aug 26 2005 - 06:51:20 PDT

Our apologies for the silence lately over on the xbdg who-is-at yahoogroups
list where we have been discussing the 5th (last) chapter of the 1960
book by Ilyenkov, _Dialectics of the Abstract and Concrete in Marx's
Capital_. The moderators, Peter, Kristen, and myself, Steve, just
had some off-list discussion about postponing this discussion. We
are thinking of continuing our discussion of the last section of
Chapter 5 maybe in October or later. Time is the main reason - too
many other projects and responsibilities are suddenly coming up for
us, and we suspect, others. For example, Peter's wife is about to
have their third child! Congratulations, Peter!

I'll probably send out something wrapping up our discussion so far,
which covered the first three sections of the chapter. Comments and
suggestions on what worked, what didn't, etc. in this discussion on
the Ilyenkov chapter would be appreciated. For example, I wonder if
3-5 weeks might not be a better (more practical) time frame for a
mini-seminar discussion like we had, something a little shorter than
the 8-9 week syllabus that Peter, Kristen and I came up with. Just a thought.

Thanks to all for the rich discussions we had. I for one learned a great deal.

~ Steve Gabosch

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