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Date: Wed Aug 24 2005 - 06:10:12 PDT

Ricardo - you quoted, in part,


[I don't know if I would put it in these words. I would say that Humanity is
the name of a relation, the reflective relation, in which every being will
perceive her/him as human. Humanity is less the name of a substance and much
more a kind of relation that every being has with her/himself. That is, in a
high language, something that the Indians say in a very direct manner when
they say, in Portuguese, that "all animals are people". It means that any
specie sees her/himself as human. It means that what is human is the way we
see ourselves rather what we see.]

            this fits so closely with research that i'm doing with a teaching staff at an elementary school - what connects everyone is the multiple relationships that have been built up over time. so that the "object" of this community is a far cry from Leontiev's "object" as he describes it in the hunt metaphor. i'm beginning to think that Leontiev has a too narrow of a perspective of why people do what they do together.

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