[xmca] the size of information units in information processing

From: George (researcher@SAFE-mail.net)
Date: Tue Aug 23 2005 - 03:27:43 PDT

Dear all,

Information processing reveals the involvement of and complex
interrelationships between disparate actions and behaviours that
react to varying stimuli under different situations. I understand
that the duration of information processing in the function blocks is
short so that I am wondering about the size of information units?

Can I say that the size of information units depends on a number of
factors like task, the respective actions, goals, motives, algorithm,
strategies, and the like or may I also say that it depends on
knowledge, experience, degree of mastering skills, and the like of
the individual?

I have tried to search through about what Leon'tev said but could
not find any information. Or, is the size of information units in
information processing not considered an important issue?

Kindest regards,

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