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From: Wolff-Michael Roth (
Date: Wed Aug 17 2005 - 10:23:36 PDT

Is there anyone from Germany on this list? I know German scholar love
to use expressions like "methodisch-methodologisch". I will copy this
message to a friend in Germany, Franz Breuer, a qualitatively working
psychologist and co-editor of the online journal FQS: FORUM QUALITATIVE

In my book on research method that is going to be published this or
next week, I point out that methodology is something like the science
of method, as distinct to the particular method you use in enacting a
project. More so, I think it is important to practice method for
graduate students rather than merely to read methodologies, treatises
that conceptualize different ways of doing research. . .

I think there is a greater penchant in Germany, for example, to do real
methodological work, as you can find it in Stegmüller (1974), who
distinguishes different ways of conducting historical research, etc.

Stegmüller, W. (1974). Probleme und Resultate der Wissenschaftstheorie
und Analytischen Philosophie, Band I: Wissenschaftliche Erklärung und
Begründung[Problems and results of a theory of science and analytical
philosophy, volume 1: Scientific explication and explanation]. Berlin:

Perhaps we can get Franz to assist us on this list?



On 17-Aug-05, at 10:16 AM, Mike Cole wrote:

> A visiting colleague has rasied the issue of the distinction between
> method
> and methodology in a cultural-historical
> perspective. I do not know offhand of any good written discussions of
> this
> distinction although I think it is important.
> Can anyone help?
> mike
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