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But... this isn't true for most of standardized tests, Phil?
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Dear Peter and All,

This monolithic standardised test is implicated in many problems in
countries where English is a non-lingua franca, but a politicised
commodity. I would love one day to understand the object of ets in
manufacturing and marketing on an international scale this quantitative
test of people's (non-English L1 users') abilities to "use" English on a
computer to simulate academic settings. One can work out the basic
corporate motives, I assume. I just get hot under the collar when people
talk about these tests in the same breath as talking about educational
programs, especially educational outcomes. And that happens way too
often in my back yard.


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Students can join the TOEFLR PRACTICE ONLINE community free
and take advantage of official TOEFL practice materials that can help
them improve their English communication skills and prepare for the new
TOEFLR Internet-based test (iBT).*

FREE TOEFLR iBT PRACTICE TEST - features the Listening, Reading, and
Writing sections and offers immediate feedback, plus sample Speaking
questions and responses.

TOEFL iBT SPEAKING PRACTICE - consists of six tasks designed to measure
students' ability to speak English effectively in educational
environments. Students' scores and performance feedback will be posted
online within five business days.

TOEFLR SKILL BUILDERS - includes new Reading and Listening question sets
taken from actual computer-based TOEFL tests. Additional TOEFL SKILL
BUILDERS will be released in September 2005.

TOEFLR access - coming in October 2005! TOEFL Practice Online members
will be invited to join a new online community designed for students
planning to study in English-speaking countries. It will feature
information on academics, culture, careers, scholarships, testing and

* For the latest information about TOEFL iBT availability in your
country, go to

PASS IT ON! Forward this e-mail to your colleagues so they too can help
their students practice their English language skills. Membership in the
TOEFL PRACTICE ONLINE community is free at

ETS English Language Learning

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