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Important news for those who intend to participate in the AERA meeting
2006 in San Francisco!

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August 4, 2005



Dear AERA Members:

As you may know, the 2006 Annual Meeting of the American Educational
Research Association (AERA) was scheduled for San Francisco, California
from April 8 to 12. In my July 7 e-mail to you, I indicated that the
ongoing labor situation in San Francisco regarding a dispute between the
hotel management and the hotel workers' union may make it impossible for
the Association to schedule its meeting at certain hotels and still have
a successful meeting. A briefing on this situation and the resolution
passed by AERA Council on June 25th are included in my column in the
August/September 2005 issue of the //Educational Researcher// //(ER).//
The column is available online
at http://www.aera.net/uploadedFiles/Publications/Journals/Educational_Researcher/3406/FromTheDesk.pdf.


I am writing to let you know that the 2006 Annual Meeting will continue
to be held in San Francisco and also to notify you of two important
changes. First and foremost, the primary site for Annual Meeting
sessions will be **The Moscone Center**. While, as always given the size
of the AERA Annual Meeting, functions and meetings will be scheduled at
a number of hotels, the Center is a major facility and thus will be the
headquarters site for the Annual Meeting. Second, and equally as
important, the use of the The Moscone Center permits AERA to alter the
dates of the Annual Meeting from April 8-12, 2006 to ** April 7-11,
2006**. By starting one day earlier, AERA is able to avert any conflict
for those who observe the Passover Holiday, which begins at sundown on
April 12.


Remaining in San Francisco and relocating the Annual Meeting to the
Moscone Center involved both the wisdom of the AERA Council and
continuous collaboration and consultation with AERA President Gloria
Ladson-Billings. We expect to hold a wonderful meeting in San Francisco
in April doing what we do best--presenting research; discussing new
findings, works in progress, and next stages of inquiry; investing in
the next generation through our work with students and our commitment to
professional development; and serving the public interest by the
questions we ask, the studies we conduct, and how we disseminate our
knowledge about them. What a perfect theme that our President and our
Annual Meeting Program Chair, William Tate, selected for
2006--//Education Research in the Public Interest.// It is definitely
the right theme for the right year!


This week, as we were finalizing arrangements for The Moscone Center,
deadlines for the Annual Meeting online submission system were upon us.
I am pleased to report 10,437 submissions--a record breaking number! We
will now be turning to the next stages. Program chairs are about
to commence the review process, and Robert Smith, Director of Meetings,
and all of the staff will continue to work full force to organize a
great meeting with this new plan in place.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at
flevine@aera.net <mailto:flevine@aera.net>. Through these occasional
e-mail news briefings to the membership, through AERA Highlights in
//ER//, and through the AERA website (http://www.aera.net/), we will
continue to keep you informed about the Annual Meeting.

With continued best wishes,


Felice J. Levine, PhD
Executive Director


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