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From: David Daniel Preiss Contreras (davidpreiss@puc.cl)
Date: Wed Aug 03 2005 - 16:51:51 PDT

What about Don Quixote, Mike?
This year is the 400th anniversary of its publication and has been
remembered through all the Spanish speaking world. Not sure it was in the

Mike Cole writes:

> David's note about readings for discussion reminded me that I am looking for
> good suggestions about books to read to gain a deeper understanding of
> Spain, its
> history, and culture.
> My favorite way to learn about history is through good historical novels
> and I would
> really welcome suggestions. There are a ton of interesting historical novels
> in English
> about England and the Americas, but I know of few about Spain.
> in the non-fiction realm a visitor from Spain, Nacho Monter has suggeted
> Pierre Vilar,
> *Spain: A brief history* and I have a book titled *Ornament of the World*
> about medieval
> Spain that looks really interesting.
> In the novel department I have found only two historical novels, one
> *Captain Alatriste" by
> Perez-Reverte and an old classic that was made into a Hollywood film,
> *Captain from Castillo."
> There are novels about more recent times, such as Zafon, *A shadow of the
> wind" set in
> Barcellona and *The blind man of Seville* set there, but with an historical
> memory that
> dates back to the immediate post-civil war days.
> Can anyone make other suggestions?
> mike

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