[xmca] Re: LCA - More questions/comments on Halliday and Wells

From: Gordon Wells (gwells@ucsc.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 30 2005 - 11:52:51 PDT

Kristen and Colleagues,

In your last paragraph, you write:

> QUESTIONS/FURTHER THOUGHTS: As one turns from analyzing the social
>realities of schools, students, teachers, etc., to designing
>pedagogy doesn't a focus on localized grammars limit one's ability
>to design educational interventions that are meaningful across more
>expanded contexts? How can we reconcile these challenges? This
>seems to be an important area of cross-relevance for those following
>both Halliday and Vygotsky.

Could you explain further why more expanded contexts are different
from more limited ones with respect to the linguistic and other
semiotic resources available to participants. What do you mean by
"localized grammars"? And what sort of educational interventions
were you thinking of? I tend to assume that the most effective
interventions leave decisions about the precise activities and
actions to the local participants, although some general guidance
with respect to determining goals and mediating means is certainly
helpful. What do you think?


Gordon Wells
Dept of Education,		http://education.ucsc.edu/faculty/gwells
UC Santa Cruz.

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