LCA: enjoying the discussion

Date: Mon Jun 27 2005 - 07:40:09 PDT

I have thoroughly enjoyed lurking this past month and feel compelled to
join in the discussion. However, the varied disciplines (social, language,
teaching, vocational, psychology, etc) make it difficult to wrap my brain
around the ideas being bantered about.

Therefore i will drift back to the comfort level of Vygotsky and mention
that his initial purpose for studying psychology was to assist him in
understanding people who were defected (the mentally challenged, retarded,
disabled, etc). From this perspective the unit of measure would be the
ability to use "higher mental functions". Of course this leads to the
question of what 'higher mental functions' and in what context are these
functions to be used? More will come from this end but wanted to put this
out there for people to consider.


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