Re: LCA: Toward another LCA

From: Wolff-Michael Roth (
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 12:12:25 PDT

On 23-Jun-05, at 12:06 PM, Steven Thorne wrote:

> hi all -- building on ana and peter's comments, i agree that the
> appropriate unit of analysis within an LCA framework must be
> supra-word and intimately integrated with gesture (as described by
> McNeill and others).

I think A.A. and A.N. Leont'ev pointed out that all forms of language
are subordinate to activity (Tätigkeit), and that conversation may be a
specialized form of activity--one that Heidegger points out is
derivative leading to idle talk, a different form of talk rather than
authentic talk, that talk characteristic of (work-related) activity
(Tätigkeit). Felix Mikhailov encourages us to think about sound
envelope so that we move away to privilege language, and Derrida
encouraged us to make a similar move when he criticizes the
phallogocentrism (logos, word) of Western culture.

As material, sound envelopes are initially unprivileged entities, signs
among many others--deictic, iconic gestures, body positions, head
moves, diagrams, any perceptual structure available to participants--


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