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From: Larry Davies (
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 09:21:16 PDT

This is more of an FYI than a suggestion for video annotation software. - I call Arkaos a radical alternative to the
PowerPoint paradigm of presentation. Realtime Video manipulation.
It's used mostly by video jockeys (this generation's disc jockeys),
but I think has IMMENSE potential in classroom, or even research


Larry Davies
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On Jun 23, 2005, at 10:47 AM, Wolff-Michael Roth wrote:

> A couple of years ago, I had a postdoc from France, and they used a
> free software Chronos or Kronos. Transana is another widely and
> freely available package. Cheers, Michael
> On 23-Jun-05, at 7:28 AM, Eugene Matusov wrote:
>> Dear xmca-ers—
>> I need you help. I am looking for some software. I need software
>> that allows my colleagues and my students viewing videos of
>> teaching and make comments on specific fragments that they can
>> choose. Ideally, it would be nice if the software also allows the
>> users referring to the selected video fragments of the clip AND to
>> each other’s comments.
>> Do you know such software or anybody who can help to find it?
>> I’d appreciate your help.
>> Take care,
>> Eugene
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