Re: Activity theory, ontology and critical realism(!?)

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Date: Wed Jun 22 2005 - 01:51:30 PDT

Thanks Tiina - very observant!
Sorry to Matt and any others who followed my typo blind alley. In case you hadnt found it and by way of a peace offering I found the entire text of Roy Bhaskar's book A Realist Theory of Science (1978) at (retails for 15 - 30 if you can get it).

Mike J

>>> 18/06/2005 13:21:38 >>>
try to google Roy Bhaskar instead of Bhasker (spelling mistake) - he is
quite known at least in the philosophy of social sciences.

 For me, "Critical realism" refers to a school of American
> philosophy started by Roy Wood Sellars, and including George Santayana
> and Arthur Lovejoy, among others. Meanwhile, Roy Bhasker is an unknown
> to me, and I expect that's partially because he gets no play in
> contemporary anglophone philosophy.
> Best,
> Matt

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