sign/tools in interacting levls and forms of operation

From: Russell, Donna L (
Date: Thu Jun 16 2005 - 14:22:45 PDT

Hello Everyone
My first post- a very brief response to Wolf-Michael Roth note on primary, secondary and tertiary activity and signs/tools.
I research the use of innovative tools in educational settings using activity theory to identify the mediational processes involved in these activity settings.
I defined the differences in mediational processes of tools among primary, secondary and tertiary activity among teachers implementing a collaborative problem-based unit in an online workspace. I found that primary contradictions impacted their implementation of the online problem-based unit in ways implied by the name-- in an underlying and ongoing manner that impacted their responses throughout the activity. However, I found that professional development that identified and addressed these primary contradictions,through reflection and guided dialogs for instance, can facilitate expansion of their object and impact their implementation of innovative tools.
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