Re: LCA: Getting started with tools, signs and activity

From: Peter Moxhay (
Date: Wed Jun 15 2005 - 12:42:03 PDT


Looking tat my copy of the Russian edition...

>Did the term, activity (deyatelnost) really
>appear in the mediator position at the
>top of the diagram?

Yes, there it says "oposreduyushchaya deyatel'nost'" -- "mediating activity."

>Did the sentence in the paragraph Phil quoted really say
"conveyings man's activity"? Or
>might words like "action" appear there?

No, it says not activity at that point in the sentence, but "vozdeistvie,"
which I guess means "actions on" or "effects":

"Orudie sluzhit provodnikom vozdeistvii cheloveka na obyekt
ego deyatel'nosti..."

(Crudely): "The tool is the conductor of man's effects onto the
object of his activity..."


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