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Deadline extended to 6/30/05
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FYI- PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL - I am just passign the information
on and have no further information. For further information go to:
www.most.gov.pk <http://www.most.gov.pk> .
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Subject: Pakistan - US S&T Cooperative Program Request for Proposals:
Deadline extended to 6/30/05


The attached is the official Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Year 2005
US-Pakistan S&T Cooperative Program.
Note that the submission deadline is JUNE 15, 2005.

Dr. Barrett H. Ripin
Senior Science Diplomacy Officer
US Department of State, OES/STC
phone: 202-663-3233
fax: 202-663-3236

Pakistan - United States Science and Technology Cooperative Program
Program Solicitation [2005]

United States Department of StateUnited States Agency for
International Development

Government of PakistanMinistry of Science and TechnologyHigher
Education Commission

Proposal Deadline: June 30, 2005


General Information

Program Title
U.S. - Pakistan Science and Technology Cooperative Program
Synopsis of Program and Background
In 2003, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of
Pakistan and the United States Department of State signed a comprehensive
Science and Technology Cooperation Agreement that established a framework to
increase cooperation in science, technology, engineering and education for
mutual benefit and peaceful purposes between the science and education
communities in both countries. The agreement is intended to increase
strength and breadth of cooperation and linkages between Pakistan scientists
and institutions with counterparts in the United States.

Each country has contributed funds to support Cooperative Program projects
under this Agreement that would enhance the ability of the science and
technology community to positively contribute to human and economic
development in Pakistan.

Additional information about the U.S.-Pakistan S&T Program and first-year
awards can be found at: www.most.gov.pk <http://www.most.gov.pk> .

A total of approximately $5,500,000, from HEC, MOST, and USAID, is expected
to be available to support the Pakistan-United States Science and Technology
Cooperative Program in the coming year, as part of a five-year cooperation
program. Planned Pakistan and U.S. 2005 funding levels are $3.5 million,
and $2 million, respectively.

Objectives of the Program

Projects funded under this solicitation should contribute to building
capacity in Pakistan, and U.S.-Pakistan cooperative relationships, with one
or more of the following goals:

1. Improve the quality, relevance, or capacity of education and
research at Pakistani Institutions of higher education in science and
technical fields.

2. Increase the capacity of science and technology to improve the
well-being of ordinary Pakistani people. Topics include, but are not
necessarily limited to: basic education, basic health, nutrition,
water/sanitation, environment, and economic development.

3. Improve the capacity of Pakistani institutions to support industry
competitiveness, through public/private partnership.

Eligibility Information

PI Eligibility Limit: Proposals are to be developed by institutional
partnerships that should include at least one Pakistani partner and one U.S.
partner. In developing proposals, proposing partners are urged to take
advantage of the widest range of Pakistani talent capable of contributing to
the achievement of objectives.

Award Information

Anticipated Type of Awards: Requests for funding can vary in amount and
length, but should not exceed three years. In order to achieve significant
progress towards one of the program objectives, proposals are generally
expected to involve multiple individuals and contribute to building
strengths of key institutions in Pakistan. Awards are expected to be
generally in the range of $100,000 to $400,000 per year, total, for the
Pakistani and U.S. partner institutions. Capital costs will not be covered.
Salary costs for senior individual participants are expected to be covered
from other sources, but salary support for junior team members and technical
support staff can be included as appropriate. An annual progress report will
be required. Continuing-year funding of multi-year projects will be
contingent upon a merit-based annual evaluation of progress.
Proposals should include all activities and costs necessary to achieve the
results stated in the application. Leveraging of resources is encouraged:
therefore the entire cost of the project should be included. For example,
the costs covered by other resources or partners, including private sector
partners, should be indicated.
Projects funded through this solicitation will not be given any preference
for funding under future USAID-supported programs.
Selection Criteria: Proposals will be evaluated according to: 1) relevance
to the goals enumerated above under "Objectives of the Program"; 2) the
scientific and technical merit of the proposal; 3) the cost-effectiveness of
the program; 4) the capabilities of the participating institutions and
individuals to successfully complete the project; and 5) the nature and
quality of the collaboration.

Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions

A. Proposal Deadline Date: June 15, 2005
B. Proposal Preparation Instructions: Please see the full text of this
solicitation for further information on the format and procedure for
submitting proposals.

C. Submittal Address:
Proposals should be submitted electronically to the following addresses,
sabihurahman@hotmail.com ; smraza@hec.gov.pk ; pkcontract@usaid.gov ;


Proposal Submission Overview

Proposals to be submitted for review under this program are to be developed
by Pakistani and U.S. institutions or consortiums of institutions.

All proposals are to be submitted electronically using the attached form,
and as specified in the procedures in this solicitation.

Proposal Instructions:
The following instructions are intended to assist prospective applicants in
completing the proposal form.

The text of the proposals should be in single-spaced 12-point type. Tables
and lists in the project description may be in smaller but readable type.

Proposals must include the information requested. Successful proposals will
have clear statements of the program goals and clear statements of how these
goals will be addressed, and will address the Selection Criteria listed

(1.) Cover Sheet. For planning purposes, January 1, 2006, should be shown
as the start date. Indicate which project co-director will be the lead
(principal) investigator.

(2.) Project Summary (one page). The summary should be succinct and
clearly state the goals of the project. The summary should be informative
to specialists in the same or related fields as well as understandable to a
well informed non-technical reader. Include the title of the project, the
names of the co-director(s) and the names of the U.S. and Pakistani partner
institutions at the top of the page. Include a clear description of the
project, stating its specific aims and long-term goals. Briefly indicate
the unique aspects of the project and interdisciplinary composition (if

(3.) Project Description. The project description should contain sections
3.a-3.k described below, and is limited to the equivalent of 10 printed
pages including all figures, tables, and charts but not including the list
of participants, advisors, and supporters. Please use the forms provided in
Appendix 1. The project description should be prepared with reference to
the review criteria and the guidance provided in this and the preceding
sections of this solicitation. The 10-page limit includes other lists,
charts, figures, and tables required as a part of the narrative. If the
project description section exceeds these extended page limits, the proposal
may not be considered.

(3.a) Background and Rationale. If relevant, present a critical and
comparative summary of the literature justifying the activity proposed.

(3.b) Problem Statement. Describe accurately the problems or opportunities
to be addressed by the project.

(3.c) Prior Experience/Capability. Describe relevant prior efforts by
applicants to address the problems identified. Illustrate how the proposed
work will build upon existing expertise, if applicable. Proposals offering
to contribute to program objective #2, Improve the capacity of Pakistani
public and private science institutions to support industry competitiveness,
should further demonstrate the role that industry played in developing the
proposal and articulate how the program builds upon other measures
undertaken by industry to improve competitiveness.

(3.d) Scope and Objectives. Specify the scope of the project accurately
and list the specific aims of the project. It is important that the
specific aims be compatible with the requested proposal duration.

(3.e) Methods. Describe the project design, conceptual framework,
procedures, and analyses to be used to accomplish the specific aims of the
project. If relevant, include how the data will be collected, analyzed, and
interpreted as well as any data-sharing plan. Describe any new methodology
and its advantage over existing methodologies. Describe any novel concepts,
approaches, tools, or technologies for the proposed activity. Discuss the
potential difficulties and limitations of the proposed procedures and
alternative approaches to achieve the aims. As part of this section, provide
a tentative sequence or timetable for the project.

(3.f) International cooperation. Explain in detail the work items to be
realized through cooperation with counterparts in each country.

(3.g) Relevance. Indicate which of the three "Objectives of the Program"
listed above will be addressed through the project.

(3.h) Results Statement. Clearly state the final results expected from the
activity. The results statement should be stated as concisely as possible.
The ability of the project to positively impact the goal area should be

(3.i) Additional benefits. Explain anticipated scientific, technological,
or economical benefits, other than those articulated in the Results
Statement, which will accrue to Pakistan.

(3.j) Budget. Provide an itemized budget for the project separately for
U.S. and Pakistani Partners. Proposals for multi-year projects should
prepare budgets that show resources required for each year of
implementation. As noted above, capital costs are not to be included, and
salary costs will not include the professional leadership on the two sides.
As noted in the discussion of selection criteria (above), proposals will be
evaluated for overall cost-effectiveness.

(3.k) Executive matters/Budget requirements. Provide a time-table for the
execution of the project. Give a detailed justification for each equipment
or service purchase for which the expected cost is more than $5,000.
Provide the duration, location, timing, and justification for any
project-related trips planned by project participants on either side.


. Please provide the required information briefly. Condensed
statements are preferred. However, the boxes in Section 3 may be expanded as
necessary. The maximum limit of the project document is 10 pages.
. Please attach one-page curricula vitae of all the participating

Project title
Duration Starting date

Principal Investigator Principal Investigator
Date Signature Date Signature
Address Address
Telephone Fax E-mail Telephone Fax E-mail
Head of Institution/Vice-Chancellor/Rector Head of

2. Project Summary
Title of the Project:
Pak SideCo-DirectorInstitution U. S. SideCo-DirectorInstitution

3. Project Description
3(a) Background and Rationale
3(b) Problem Statement
3(c) Prior Experience / Capability
3(d) Scope & Objectives
3(e) Methods
3(f) International Cooperation
3(g) Relevance
3(h) Results Statement
3(i) Additional Benefits

3(j) Financial Support (in equivalent US $) (For First year)

Items requested Pakistan Share USA Share
Requested Approved Requested Approved
Equipment (Attach Performa invoice)


Services (Attach Performa invoice)


Support personnel



3(k) Executive Matters / Budget Requirements

i. Time table (Please indicate each major step in project evolution
referring to the time schedule)
ii. Request justification (Please give detailed justification for each item
iii. Travel details (Please indicate number, during, timing and
justification for the visit proposed for each side)
iv. Additional notes (Please provide additional appropriate information, if

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From: Ripin, Barrett H (OES)
Sent: Friday, June 10, 2005 12:49 PM
Subject: Pakistan - US S&T Cooperative Program Request for Proposals:
Deadline extended to 6/30/05

I have been informed that the Deadline for this RFP has been extended to
June 30, 2005.


The attached is the official Request for Proposals (RFP) for the Year 2005
US-Pakistan S&T Cooperative Program.
Note that the submission deadline is JUNE 15, 2005.

Dr. Barrett H. Ripin
Senior Science Diplomacy Officer
US Department of State, OES/STC
phone: 202-663-3233
fax: 202-663-3236

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