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Date: Mon Jun 13 2005 - 09:04:09 PDT

#1 entry in google under vygotsky moral development

Language, culture, and *moral development*: A Vygotskian
MB Tappan - Developmental Review, 1997

On 6/13/05, <> wrote:
> Friends: I recently joined the xmca discussion group and am awed by your
> experience and understanding of Vygotsky's work. Might I humbly ask if any
> can suggest resources for me to explore that consider Vygotsky's theory in
> relation to moral development?
> I am working on my doctorate in intercultural studies at Fuller Seminary
> in Pasadena, CA and am interested in how children develop compassion with a
> global world view. I just completed a tutorial on anthrolpological issues
> and focused on Vygotsky's theory in light of emerging neuroscience. I also
> have just begun a position teaching early childhood at the community college
> level where they are deeply interested in Vygotsky's theory, with an
> American lens, in the preschool classroom.
> I will be grateful for any help you might offer!
> Wendy Sanders
> College of the Desert
> summer: Hayward, Wisconsin
> e-mail: w <>

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