Summer Adjunct Position

From: Bremme Don (
Date: Fri Jun 10 2005 - 09:59:02 PDT

Whittier College (in the Los Angeles, CA area) is seeking a summer adjunct to teach a graduate course in its teacher education program. Details are below. Please note that a course emphasis on activity theory, cultural-historical, and/or sociocultural perspectives would be very welcome, but the type of survey course suggested by the catalog description below would also be. The class would be 12-15 prospective elementary and secondary teachers.

Dr. Kathleen Ralph, Chair, Department of Education and Child Development, Whittier College; 562-907-4248


Summer Session II:  June 27 – August 5th              Mon & Wed      1:00 – 4:00

Course: EDUC 506 - Learning and Learners
Examines major concepts, principles, and research associated with theories of human thinking, learning, and achievement, with special attention to the social-cultural nature of learning, the role of students’ prior understandings and experiences, and the importance of home-community funds of knowledge.  Provides experience in using research-based concepts and principles in designing, planning, and adapting instruction for K-12 students.  Requires fieldwork. 3 credits. 

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