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Call for ISCAR sections

Dear ISCAR Member,

As mentioned in the last newsletter (Vol. 3, No. 4),
ISCAR will give the possibility to organize sections
around topics of particular interest.

For more details, see: http://www.iscar.org/sectionnews.html

The Executive Committee is requesting that proposals be
sent to them by 1 July, so that we can arrange for sections
to meet as part of the ISCAR Congress program.

As part of preparing such proposals, some groups of persons
have proposed the following ideas as potential sections.
You are encouraged to contact them if you are interested in
participating with them, or if you have suggestions for
modifying or expanding their proposals.

Please note that all are still welcome to send a proposal
for a section, even if they are not included here. Perhaps
these proposals will help to inspire other ideas.

If you have questions, then you are welcome to write
to Seth Chaiklin: seth@iscar.org



Steve Harris and Olav Bertelsen are interested in forming
a section on information technology design.

Here is a draft text for what will become a proposal for
an ISCAR section on ATIT.

The ISCAR section on Activity-Theoretical Information
Technology Design (ATIT) will aim to bring together researchers
and practitioners involved with the use of AT-based methods for
the design and evaluation of computer software and hardware,
information systems, human-computer interaction,
computer-supported cooperative work, and computer-based work
processes generally. We see the role of this section as being
to promote and support an exciting and innovative
multidisciplinary discourse which recognizes that the practical
application of activity theory to the development of technology
transcends traditional boundaries between the theoretical and
applied sciences, and between science, art, and design.

They are interested in getting feedback and suggestions, as well
as hearing from those who might be interested in participating in
such a section. Please write to: Steve Harris <srharris@glam.ac.uk>



Fran Hagstrom is interested in establishing a section on "Cultural
Functional Neuropsychology." The section would be grounded in thematic
issues that pertain to the cultural historical correlates of individual
mental functioning, particularly as these apply to children and adults with
developmental and/or acquired differences. If you are interested in
participating in such a section, or would like to discuss possible
or extensions of such an idea, then please contact Fran, after 20 June, at



We are a group of Russian psychologists and philosophers who are already
ISCAR members or in process of registration. We want to establish an
international section of "Dialectical psychology" (the term belongs
to L.S.Vygotsky).

Among us are Felix Mikhailov, Lev Naumenko, Alexey Novokhatko,
Vladimir Kudriavtsev, Elena and Gennady Kravtsov, Elena E. Sokolova,
Elena and Sergey Mareyev, Galina Mishina, Alexander Simakin, Gennady
Lobastov and me - Alexander Surmava. Most of us are disciples of
Evald Ilyenkov, Alexey N. Leont'iev or/and Vasilij V. Davidov.

Each of us is involved in theoretical and experimental investigations
in the fields of theoretical, educational and special psychology,
methodology and epistemology.

We are interested in wide international cooperation in the process of
development of cultural historical and activity theory and practice.
We are sure, that this development can and must be based on the same
theoretical background on which Lev Vygotsky stood, on the basis of
high European philosophical rationalism which is marked by names of
Plato, Spinoza, Hegel, Marx and Ilyenkov.

We are sure that wide international cooperation can give a powerful
impulse to the development of our common work. Last year a
theoretical seminar concerning problems of cultural-historical
psychology was organized in Moscow. We are going to continue it in
both off-line and on-line forms as well as to publish the results of
our common search, to organize seminars, conferences etc., etc.

We invite everybody who is interested to participate in a
"Dialectical psychology" section of ISCAR to connect with us
through the website:


or by E-mail: <monada@netvox.ru>


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