Intersections of Sociocultural Theory and Gifted Children

From: Vera P. John-Steiner (
Date: Mon Jun 06 2005 - 11:06:59 PDT

Dear David,

Although I can't give you a particular reference to "gifted education"
we have explored the issue of a Vygotskian approach to creativity in the
following two publications:

Creativity in the Making: Vygotsky's Contemporary Contribution to the
Dialectic of Development and Creativity, Moran, S. and John-Steiner, V.
2003 in Creativity and Development Counterpoints Oxford University Press.

Creativity Research Journal special issue on Play, Vygotsky and
Imagination Vol 5, Number 1, 1992.

I believe some of this material does have reference to gifted education,
in whatever way one might define it.

Warm regards,

Vera P. John-Steiner
Department of Linguistics
Humanities Bldg. 526
University of New Mexico
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