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From: Mike Cole (
Date: Sun Jun 05 2005 - 15:56:40 PDT

Time will tell, Kevin.
Lets see if there is sufficient interest to develop the requisite

On 6/5/05, Kevin Rocap <> wrote:
> Dear Mike, Phil, et al,
> Greetings! Thanks for working to organize a discussion on language and
> CHAT. I'm one of those with a perennial interest in the topic. ;-)
> Of course I've worked with a lot of school-based and school-linked
> programs on issues of second language acquisition and development,
> particularly in dual language programs (with a healthy dose of interest in
> home-school-community interactions issues) and so have some particular
> interests from that angle. It seems to me we'll have a number of intriguing
> and divergent as well as synergistic "objects" for a discussion framed under
> this general topic. ;-) How could it be otherwise?
> Related to my interest is an ongoing sense that folks who look at the
> issues strictly from a language acquisition and development perspective,
> don't always take into account the perspectives, theories and approaches of
> multiculturalists (including issues of examining power relations, as well as
> multicultural content and purposes in learning activities) and neither of
> those groups, generally, seems to have much commerce with the learning and
> cognitive sciences theorists (though there has been some progress recently).
> And, then, of course, we have CHAT ;-) One thought for me is that CHAT could
> help serve an integrative function with regard to these others, no?
> I guess we'll see.
> In Peace,
> K.

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