Re: Talk of courses and discussions

From: Phil Chappell (
Date: Sun Jun 05 2005 - 05:50:41 PDT

Dear All,

Just to keep the momentum and interest up, papers for the language and
culture/activity discussion will be available in a couple of days -
Gordon Wells, Ruqaiya Hasan and Steven Thorne have all agreed to have
their papers available for us all, and all three will be looking in on,
if not joining in the discussion - hearty thanks from all of us. Ana
has sent some interesting papers and I assume (Ana??) that we have
permission to use them.

This being such a broad area, I'll attempt to make a "plan" relevant
for most by contacting some off-list, although as per usual xmca
discourse, the discussion will no doubt defy conventional
understandings of time, space and attempts by organising forces ;-)

As someone to remain nameless wrote off-list, "This ought to be fun".

Just arrived home during a torrential monsoon-force afternoon rain, so
must attend to water-logged shoes and laptop.

And if others feel the urge to respond to Ana's call for naming a
particular issue for this topic, please do so.


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