Fwd: Self regulation and perhaps joint educational activity

From: Dorie Evensen (dhd2@psu.edu)
Date: Sat Apr 30 2005 - 02:46:00 PDT

Mike - What a lovely story. Actually, it brings to mind a couple of
things. First, I think of an article written by McCaslin and others in the
Handbook of Ed Psych positing a notion of "co-regulation" as a substitute
for "self-regulation" - there are certainly two people "regulating" the
activity the 5D tutor describes. Second, I think it gives us a way to
consider the "object" of the activity. On a superficial level, it might
seem to be the squares that are colored in a T completes each page. But
this is not an example of "getting through" (the object pursued by so many
young (and older) students) - rather, T is focused on ways of understanding
conceptually in order to do - I think the reason why she wanted to push on
with her "homework" was because she had a need to exercise the
understandings afforded by the "green" worksheet."
Finally, another connection. I happened upon C-Span interview this past
week - Tim Russert talking with Supreme Court Justices Day O'Connor,
Scalia, and Breyer. I only caught the last few minutes that included
Breyer relating a story of doing homework with his son. He recalled that
at the end of what seemed to be a rather long session, he commented to the
boy that if he worked hard in school, he could get a job where he'd be
doing homework for the rest of his life. Isn't that what all of us on xmca
are doing?


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