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Date: Fri Apr 22 2005 - 23:19:31 PDT

Thanks Rob. Great job!

One correction.

> Kiyotaka Miyazaki Presenting
> This was a joint teleconference between the Play worlds group in
> Finland
> (Pentti Hakkarainen) and the LCHC.
> After introductions Kiyo began his presentation on the play world
> project
> he ran in a kindergarten in Ibi, Gifu prefecture, Japan. (See the
> attached
> file for the full text of the presentation.)
> Briefly, Kiyo described the study site and the general characteristics
> of
> the project. He noted that the Japanese play world differed from the
> play world in the fact that it took place over a comparatively short
> period of time (3 days vs. the ongoing weekly interactions) and that it
> involved professional artists (actors, musicians, and a playwright).
> The
> play world was based on a character that appears in many traditional
> Japanese folktales, Oni the ogre. Over the three day summer play world
> session, the children in the kindergarten engaged with teachers and
> actors
> in a variety of activities that centered on the theme of Oni: reading
> books, reciting rhymes, playing tag, and drawing pictures.

It's not only 3 days in summer in which children committed various
kinds of activities related to Oni. They did these activities in the
Spring trimester before the summer session, and the Autumn trimester
after the summer session. So, play drama session, or theme of it,
worked as an organizer for the whole year curriculum of the
kindergarten in our case, the fact we had not been clearly aware of at
the outset of the project. In consequence, our project became, using
Sonja's word in the meeting, hybrid of many genres she referred, and
this caused us to rethink about the purpose of our project.

Kiyo Miyazaki
Waseda University,
2-579-15, Mikajima, Tokorozawa, Saitama, 359-1192 Japan

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