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From: Mike Cole (lchcmike@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 18 2005 - 10:05:33 PDT

I am forwarding this message to xmca because I believe that there is a lot
more knowledge about the questions she raises in the extended participant
set than I have at my disposal. Please answer directly to Brenda and
hopefully if she gets a number of suggestions, Brenda can post what she
learns back to us.

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From: Brenda Ann Camara <b_camara00@hotmail.com>
Date: Apr 17, 2005 7:13 PM
Subject: need of survey
To: mcole@weber.ucsd.edu

 I am a Professor at the University of Puerto Rico and currently I am in the
midst of finishing my doctoral dissertation. I read your book MInd Culture
and Activity and thought you could help me to find a survey or questionnaire
that I could give my students in order to find out their experiences (prior,
current and/or past) towards interaction in the classroom. How do they feel?
Do they feel it helps them with learning the language, increasing reading
comprehension? Do they feel afraid of speaking? Why? What topics do they
feel at ease talking about in the classroom? Do they get an opportunity to
say what they think? Who carries out and continues the interaction in the
classroom? Through a survey of this sort I intend to gather data related to
the students point of view when interacting in the classroom with the
teacher and peers. I have SILL but it doesn't really focus on classroom
interaction. I know that by now I am probably being a time consuming pain
for you but please whatever comes to your mind that you believe can help
PLEASE let me know. I want to use this questionnaire in a couple of weeks
and the date I gather can serve as part of the findings of the pilot study.
Whatever I can help you with here in the Caribbean dont hessitate to let me
know. Thanks, Brenda Camara bacamara@uprrp.edu

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