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From: Mary Bryson (
Date: Sun Apr 17 2005 - 14:58:14 PDT

Either Arne or Ritva ­ not sure -> wrote:

> I asked myself with violent disbelief: How could these be ever separated?
> As if the other subject would not be an object at the same time. As if any
> talk would not have a "shared" (divided and distributed and spanned over
> the relation) object if it sustains itself at all...
> Working diligently through the mass of post-AERA emails... Saw the request
> from Eugene about the post-Marxists... And thanks to the folks who contributed
> such interesting questions in the CHAT Business Meeting gathering. So with the
> above quote in mind, and my reworking of ³the triangle², several folks who are
> rarely discussed in this milieu and who are very interesting are Lacan for
> starters --- his theory of the subject-other relationship as linguistically
> mediated and irreducible ‹ a dialectical tension that is always-already
> spoiled where any notion of post-Cartesian self contains the Other but can not
> ever know itself or the other in any definitive sense --- mise en abime ‹ he
> called it. In the art gallery in montreal is a famous work of art called the
> Triptych that is a representation of what might be a shape for tensions
> construed outside of the traditional notion of the dialectic ‹ an ear on one
> wall, and opposite, a mirror that contains embedded in it a blue neon light.
> You can¹t see the reflection of the ear without seeing yourself, as well as
> the light. (
> Talking with Ana after the SIG meeting, I suggested that if I could morph the
> triangle into something more like the double helix it would feel like a form
> better suited to the irresolvable tensions of this notion of dialectic ‹ which
> takes us to another interesting post-Marxist ‹ well two really ‹ Paolo Virno,
> who is an Italian political theorist who wrote in the Grammar of the Multitude
> about a very different notion of labour and collectivity than Marx¹s and
> Deleuze. Christopher Bollas also is interesting here, as he reworks into
> ³object relations² the problematic of difference and representation.
> more later,
> Mary

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