play before school?

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 16:46:27 PDT

Yo Xmcalanders- I am back for a visit in southerncalifornia before departing
for AERA.
Tommorrow LCHC will start a series of meetings about pretend play.
There are two items posted on xmca papers-for-discussion, one notes
by Vygotsky, the other a chapter from Elkhonin. More will be posted
there this week, in time for those spending the week in Montreal to
wish they could go through the Wardrobe and into Narnia,
which is, I believe, where the local discussion will begin and leave

Then, if current trends hold, we will be discussing generalization
and schooling, but who knows, maybe the early balloting doesn't
count votes from the periphery so quickly!


PS-- Artin Goncu's paper can be found in the xmca archive for
March by ordering messages by author and finding Artin, conveniently
near the top of the list. :-)

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