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Date: Wed Apr 06 2005 - 10:59:35 PDT

>>> Michael JOHNSON 04/04/2005 10:50:36 >>>
a couple of thoughts then, as you have successfully lifted me above wading
through post-vacation email...

<<'the more things change...' - I felt that the piece over-eggs the
techno-rhetoric - particularly after attending a seminar by Lucy Suchman
recently (Recurring Rhetorics of Technological Innovation). 10 years has
been a magic figure - just near enough to the present, just long enough into
the future to speak beyond our ability to realistically predict what may or
may not happen. I was people-watching yesterday morning (lazy Sunday style)
and noticed a neighbour drive off and return with the huge wad that has
become our Sunday newspapers. I believe that 'reading the paper' (and all
that this entails) as a leisure activity will take more than 10 years to
kill off - that is, until electronic paper replaces newsprint...

Best wishes,

mike >>

Wasn't this already a prediction made, oh, about ten years ago I'd say? ;) I
remember the suggestion that people would give up print media for digital
newspapers made up of a collection of articles tailored to their individual
interests not to mention 'the end of the book'. Perhaps 'recurring rhetoric'
is a product of failed predictions...

Bruce Robinson

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