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From: David Leitch (
Date: Tue Apr 05 2005 - 15:17:13 PDT

As an illustrative example of Rodrigo's point (which I quite agree
with), I probably would not have thought of looking through Sheldon
White's work had Mike not emailed with (sad) news of his passing. As it
is, I got the email, read about the importance of his work to the Second
Psychology, and have begun incoporating some of his work into my own
research and understanding. Elective push media are vastly more useful
than pull media to a scholar getting her/his feet under him/her.

Perhaps more lurkers are, like me, those who do not yet know how to ask
a question?

del Valle, Rodrigo Tomas wrote:

> Hi,
> There are several threads going on now and this one seems to be
> dying, but anyway....
> Considering Mike's question about why people sign up for the list when
> the discourse is so wonderfully googleable, I think one answer is on
> why distance education, e-commerce and so on use both push (email) and
> pull (web) technologies. Email comes to me I don't have to go
> anywhere, don't have to remember to do it, don't have to remember
> URLs, passwords, etc... and you can always filter or delete them :-)
> In my case I would rarely visit the web threaded discussion, and even
> if I want to do a search I can use Google Desktop Search to search the
> XMCA mails I have received :-) For me lurking in this list in a
> daily basis is a great experience that I wouldn't get just by knowing
> I have access to the web version of the list :-)
> Grandson Rodrigo :-)
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