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  Title: The Collected Works of Bronislaw Pilsudski Vol.3
  Subtitle: Materials for the Study of the Ainu Language and Folklore
(Part Two)
  Series Title: Trends in Linguistics. Documentation 15/3
  Published: 2004
  Publisher: Mouton de Gruyter

  Book URL:

  Editor: Alfred F Majewicz
  Hardback: ISBN: 3110176149 Pages: xii, 914 Price: Europe EURO 248.00

  Volume 1, The Aborigines of Sakhalin, contains translations into
English of
the Polish, Russian and Japanese material on, for example, the history,
folklore, economic life, shamanism, sexual life, medical anthropology,
the bear festival which has been published between 1898 and 1936,
mainly in
local journals which are hardly accessible today. English, French and
German articles appear in the original language.

Volume 2, Materials for the Study of Ainu Language and Folklore,
contains a
reprint of the classic 1912 Cracow edition with an Ainu-English index
indication of frequency and occurrence, a reverse index, an English
and a grammatical index.

Volume 3 is devoted exclusively to B. Pilsudski´s Ainu-related
for their most part previously unpublished. In addition, it comprises
Pilsudski´s research reports on his expeditions, a superb collection of
fifty prayers in Ainu as well as texts and melodies recovered from
Pilsudski´s famous wax-cylinder recordings of Ainu-folklore of
The bibliographies printed in volume 1 are extensively enhanced.
illustrative material is included.

Key Features:
* unique linguistic and ethnographic data: a large portion of the
in Volume 3 has never been published before
* an excellent resource for the study of the language and life of the
aboriginal, but now extinct, peoples of Sakhalin and Hokaido (Japan)

Alfred F. Majewicz is Professor at Adam Mikiewicz University, Poznan,

Already published:

Volume 1
1998. xvii, 792 pages. Cloth. Euro 268.00 / sFr 429.00 / approx. US$
ISBN 3-11-010928-X

Volume 2
1998. xiv, 872 pages. Cloth. Euro 289.00 / sFr 463.00 / approx. US$
ISBN 3-11-016118-4


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