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From: Cunningham, Donald J. (
Date: Mon Apr 04 2005 - 20:25:50 PDT

Mike and Chatterers,


Our suite at the Ritz-Carlton is open for business every evening, so if
you all want to come by on Tuesday, that would work too. Given that the
price of spirits (corporeal and otherwise) in Montreal is a bit high in
order to support the provincial health plan, it would be helpful if you
brought your own refreshments.


My sincere congratulations to Kris. It is well deserved..............djc


Don Cunningham

Indiana University


From: Mike Cole []
Sent: Monday, April 04, 2005 10:10 PM
To: Xmca
Subject: Only Tuesday


Thanks Don for posting the invitation to learning sciences gathering
wednesday at AERA.
I have to fly home to teach, and as a non-lurker might feel out of
place, what with the absence
of quarries and all. :-)

However, on TUESDAY evening, after the CH-sig meeting, we are hoping to
have a get together
to honor Kris Guitterez, the current Scribner award winner and a mystery
guest who has a connection
to the same event. The difficulty is when and how to do this.

After consulting with the inspired leadership of the chat-sig, there is
a plan to have a quick headcount
at the CHATsig meeting to figure out how many people would like to have
dinner together, to toast
Kris and the Mystery Guest. This will have ot be done quickly because
the first speaker, Mary Bryson,
will have to leave quickly to attend another sig where she will be
presding. So........ if you are coming to the
sig meeting, come prepared for a quick, 60 second head count of who
would like to go to dinner together
to honor Scibner award winners.

All invited.

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