Call for reviews: Mind, Culture, & Activity

From: Kristen R. Clark (
Date: Tue Feb 15 2005 - 11:20:58 PST

Dear XMCA Members,

I have copied below a list of books we are
considering for review in Mind, Culture, and
Activity. You are invited to look through the list to
see whether any of the titles has a special appeal to
you. If you would like to review one, please let us
know as soon as possible, and we will send you a
review copy. We would expect the review to be
completed in approximately three months from the receipt of the
book, but this is negotiable. Reviews are published
both on the web and in print. The review copy of the
book will be yours to keep.

Books available include:

Ross Chambers
Untimely Interventions: AIDS Writing, Testimonial,
and the Rhetoric of
The University of Michigan Press 2004
415 pp
$26.95 (paper) *
Received 10/20/04

Paul M. Livingston
Philosophical History and the Problem of Consciousness
Cambridge 2004
279 pp
$70.00 (cloth) *
Received 9/27/04

Robert A. Wilson
Boundaries of the Mind: The Individual in the Fragile
Cambridge 2004
369 pp
$24.99 (paper) *
$70.00 (cloth) *
2 copies: Received 12/14/2004 and 7/26/2004

Roger Gibson (Ed.)
The Cambridge Companion to Quine
Cambridge 2004
323 pp
$70.00 (cloth) *
$35.00 (paper)
Received 5/14/04

To volunteer as a reviewer, please send me a note at as soon as possible. In the
subject of your e-mail, please write "Wish to review"
followed by the name of the book you want to review.

Thank you in advance,

Kristen Clark

Kristen Radsliff Clark
Mind, Culture, and Activity

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