Re: LSV-The Concrete Psychology of Human Beings

From: Jim Rogers (
Date: Mon Feb 14 2005 - 09:54:29 PST

>But, is there no version of this in English? If so, I will ask the
>editor of J of Russian and
>East European psych to get it translated. Seems well worth while knowing better.
>Translation anyone?

Lucikly I was able to find my copy in one of the piles on my desk.
Vygotsky, L. S.; Soviet Psychology, Vol 27(2), Mar-Apr 1989. pp. 53-77.
It is titled: [Concrete Human Psychology] including the brackets for
some reason, with the subtitle: An unpublished manuscript by Vygotsky
There is an introduction by A.A. Puzyrei

I do not have access to Acrobat to make a PDF file but could copy and
send to someone who does


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