Re: LSV-& Dialogical Self

From: George (
Date: Sun Feb 13 2005 - 05:38:27 PST

Dear Phil,

I do not have Engeström's et al. book. Would you happen to have an
electronic copy of Davydov's article? or know a link - although I
searched an could not find anything?

On Feb 13, 2005, at 12:53 PM, Phil Chappell wrote:

> Davydov's essay: Davydov, V.V. (1999) The content and unsolved
> problems of activity theory, in Engestrom, Y, Miettinen, R and
> Punamaki, R-L "Perspectives on Activity Theory" Cambridge University
> Press

Best regards,

(Hansjoerg von Brevern)


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didactical activity, Systemic-Structural Activity Theory, and
Socio-cultural Theory

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