Re: Self-Determination theory versus SCT and AT

From: Jim Rogers (
Date: Mon Feb 07 2005 - 17:15:54 PST


I'd love to hear more about what you are thinking re: contexts

> . What works is to examine the contexts and the histories of the
> people involved.
> Rodrigo began with an insightful description of possible contexts of
> online learning for students but concluded by stressing the
> individual. Perhaps SDT has something to offer, but everything from
> WHERE students have access to a computer to why they chose an online
> course are important parts of the context and not parts of the
> individual. I agree that Holland's work is useful, more useful than SDT.

when I think about the examples you provide above: 1) where students
have access- I could conceivably see this as related to their identity
(e.g. traditional student, stay at home dad, disabled etc..). and 2)
why they chose an online class (e.g. convenience, perception it would be
easier, interest) could also be related to identity. So in your view,
in what ways would these examples NOT be part of the individual and,
more importantly for me, what is the importance of these examples as
context in influencing their activity. Was there a context in the
example you provided with your children - again there I saw and thought
of a definition of community- you and your child- as being the totality
of your interrelationships with each other. And I do not hold the
position that there is no context- I am hoping you can expand that

 I hope this doesn't take the discussion too far off the mark.


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