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Date: Mon Feb 07 2005 - 11:23:54 PST

This is some info for people in the UCSD area. Apologies in advance if
this is an inappropriate sort of message.

I'm giving a talk on Wednesday that grew out of a class I had with
Yrjo, which was a kind of intro to the cultural-historical approach.
It will be a pretty informal talk at the Experimental Philosophy
Laboratory, which you can find out more about here:

EPL has usually been more aligned with neuroscience and mainstream cog
sci, so I'm excited to be able to bring a different perspective to the
group. In my talk, I'm trying to put traditional philosophy of mind
and cog sci and cultural-historical theories of mind into dialogue.

Meetings usually involve ordering pizza at about $4 per person. People
from all disciplines are quite welcome.


Begin forwarded message:
> I'm doing EPL this week. Here's an abstract for my talk.
> "Cultural-Historical Theories of Mind"
> The purpose of my talk is to bring exciting new research into
> cognition into dialogue with philosophy of mind and mainstream
> cognitive science. These theories arise out of distributed (Hutchins)
> and situated cognition (Lave), social cognition and developmental
> psychology (Tomasello), cultural-historical activity theory (Leont'ev,
> Engestrom), and cultural psychology (Cole). Traditional approaches to
> the mind have viewed the relationship between culture and mind as that
> of stimulus to response; individual minds are seen as the fundamental
> starting points, and culture is built up from interactions between
> individual cognitive agents. The theory entertained in this talk
> reverses this perspective, suggesting that human activity and mental
> functioning arises from social interactions mediated by cultural
> artifacts and that individual cognition is due to internalization of
> these interactions.
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