Re: Resistance and speaking out

From: David Daniel Preiss Contreras (
Date: Wed Feb 02 2005 - 20:13:49 PST

Great note, Diane. I agreed with most of it but with the point that students
have less freedoms than their profs. Indeed, I do think the opposite.
Students are those who most freedom have. Most of them -particularly at the
USA- are young enough to not be subjected to family or institutional
obligations. Additionally, most of them, have not invested too much time in
a perspective or in an idea as to be able to navigate through different
points of view. On the other hand, if there is a time where risk taking is
more tolerated is when you are a student and where you are protected by the
notion that you are "just learning". If students feel aversion to risk
taking and do prefer and easy path to tenure track positions is part of a
well meditated option, who unfortunately, some of them prefer to other more
interesting ways of starting a life as intellectuals.


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