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Date: Sun Dec 05 2004 - 07:46:46 PST

Hi Peter,
I've used Eckert's book but I've also used this book: Davidson, A.L.
(1996). Making and molding identity in schools. Albany, NY: State
University of New York Press. Davidson discusses students in a multiracial
high school in California (it isn't 21st century). My students found the
cases quite realistic.
Ellice Forman

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> Hi, this semester I taught a course at the University of Georgia in which
> we read P. Eckert's Jocks and Burnouts. My students found it interesting
> though not entirely relevant to their experiences teaching in Southern
> multiracial schools in the 21st century. My question: Is anyone aware of
> companion studies that involve these other factors? thanks,Peter

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