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Date: Sat Dec 04 2004 - 15:41:17 PST

I think I solved the problem elsewhere, Mike. As you very rightly say, Yrjo's
work doesn't seem to work at this level. I go back to your ideas of culture and
history in the present.


I have seen no answer to your question, Phil.

Interesting that no one replies. You seek a history of "a group of
classroom learners who are together for a relatively short period
(either 6 or 12 weeks). I am not sure that it is at this level of
history that Yrjo is concerned with, but I am not sure. For example,
he has
been critical that I do not have a history of the boys and girls clubs
and the club I work at in particular as a founation for analysis. I
certainly have histories of collectiviities and even activity systems
involving the 5th Dimension that go back about 45 generations, at
three per year. And there must be many histories of particular
classrooms with histories
that extend beyond 6-12 weeks.

I recall discussions of the fact that Ed Hutchins has no history of
ranks in the Navy and naval regulations in his work on cognition in
the wild.

There are studies by Saxe and Greenfiled that cover some 20 years of history of
cultural pracices in brazil and new guinea. Is this what you are looking for?

Perhaps others, like myself, are uncertain of what you are seeking and why.

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