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Indian Research Seeking Research Conctact

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From: Lele Rohini Vinayak <rvl@pn3.vsnl.net.in>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 11:06:02 +0500
Subject: [arlist-l] Looking for a contact
To: arlist-l@scu.edu.au

Dear all,

I am a researcher from India. I am documenting the experience of
developing and implementing a research tool (Household Record Keeping)
to profile the livelihoods of tribals in a region (Kokan) in India.

In this context, I want to have a dialogue with an author who has
written about the use of this research tool. Her name is
Suphanchaimat. (Suphanchaimat, N. (1994) Household record keeping as a
means of understanding farmers decision making. Chapter 22 of Tools
for the Field: Methodologies Handbook for Gender Analysis in
Agriculture. Edited by Feldstein. H.S. and Jiggins, J. IT Publications
Ltd.) I am looking for her email id. I wonder whether anyone on this
list could be in touch with her and could put me in touch with her,


Rohini Lele

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