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RE: math for reproduction and domination

     Peg, thanks for the questions  -  gives me a place to step back a bit and reevaluate  -

     yes, i agree about Delpit's statement that one has to teach it first the right time  -  it's practically a mantra at the elementary in which i'm the school of education's site professor.  

    the teacher candidate is a generalist elementary ed. practitioner  -  

    i draw a blank on Ma Liping's work  -  so now i'll do a google.  thanks for the lead.

     i agree about the difficulties about putting critical frameworks off to a later date  -  the most specific critical framework i'm working on now with the teacher candidate from Korea is moving from looking for the right answer and looking for someone to tell her the concrete steps for what to do as a teacher, to working with a teaching/learning conceptual framework so that she is always gathering data so that she can demonstrate what it was that the students did after she taught a lesson, and the implications as well as next steps  -  she comes from a system where the teacher's voice is never contradicted, so my relationship with her as someone who collaborates with her in a mutual problem solving relationship is involving new identity constructions.

however,  i still will pursue in my own head how to make connections with her about critical social issues.



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Thanks, Phillip.
In that short note about the class, I got a good sense of the event details
and the cooperative efforts involved.

Teachers' pedagogical content knowledge (here about rational numbers) is
pushed to the limit when they have to struggle with getting the procedural
details in place -- figuring out what's crucial and what's good enough or
okay to handle later.  At the same time, if Lisa Delpit's right then it is
most crucial to do it well in classes like this with so many students who
are "not already a participant in the culture of power."

Since you are talking about 5th grade, I'm not sure if your talking about a
teacher candidate who deals with all the elementary subjects or one who is a
mathematics specialist.

What do you and your colleagues think of Ma Liping's work?

I'm not sure that this first then that later approach you mention at the end
of your note will work, though -- never getting to the later is a problem.