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Re: math for reproduction and domination

Hi Bill,
I am not one of those editors who imposes his/her view of the world on others. I recognize the work in itself, even though I might disagree with the content. You notice that my own paper dealt with the production and reproduction of identity in the context of urban science, and the fragility of "success" to be and become a student or teacher. You may not be interested in this kind of trouble making, but in this you make a choice as to the nature of the society you live in. I think a dose of social analysis of the kind Dorothy Smith, who argues for a feminist sociology, is required to interrogate our ideologies so that we can bring about a rupture. Bourdieu, too, asks us, as social analysts, to break with the gaze through radical analysis of our own presuppositions.

On 11-Nov-04, at 8:52 AM, Bill Barowy wrote:

On Thursday 11 November 2004 11:24 am, Wolff-Michael Roth wrote:
historical situation of the activity system. You seem to advocate that
we can understand children's and their teachers' actions just by
looking at a classroom.

I just can't believe YOU edited MY paper in MCA and can still make that claim! I'm going to step back and look at our own conversation. This is not the
kind of troublemaking i'm interested in.