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Re: education, technology & chat (The Mathematics of it)

Clarification, please, for a phrase I think I don't understand: "in a
chat-like way."

I guess I used a deliberately sloppy phrase to leave the interpretation open...

Even though Davydov's approach may not appeal to all, his work did have a clear emphasis on the need to transform the *content* of instruction as well as the form. In his case, it was the ascent from the abstract to the concrete as a principle for organizing the content. Others on the list (the topic was "education, technology & CHAT) no doubt have other
approaches to curriculum content.

I'd just be interested to hear from others working on technology & education & chat what their approach to the content is. Does one just grab at a specific topic in
math, say "polygons," and create software around this topic that enables
good peer interaction, for example? Or does one's interest and knowledge of chat guide, in some way or other (not necessarily Davydov's!) the choice of the
math (or other) content of the software?