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Fwd: book about activity theory and education


Book recently publiced in Brazil  about application of
Actvity Theory  to education:

Title: Aprendizagem conceitual e organização do ensino:
contribuições da teoria da atividade
Author: Marta Sueli de Faria Sforni
University of São Paulo


The aim of this research is to explain the theoretical
methodological conditions, which favor the teaching and
learning of scientific concepts.
Based on theoretical background provided by a historical
cultural perspective, mainly supported by Leontiev's theory
of activity, this thesis discusses the relationship between
conceptual appropriation and psychism
unfolding.  It also tries to show evidence of teaching
ownership in which concepts have qualitative impact on
psychic unfolding. Distinct understanding of concept meanings
and its appropriation influences the organization of teaching
practice, leading the achieved concepts to
different levels of generalization. Based on that, the
analysis of how scientific concepts are being taught at
school was firstly drawn. The analysis shows the strong
influence of formal logic and its effect upon students'
intelectual function stuck to empirical thought. Secondly,
the study emphasizes that the individual's perception of
concept as a cognitive tool, as well as the comprehension of
his/her appropriation active process point out to learning as
an activity involving needs and reasons and that it is
accomplished by actions and working. In teaching, these
elements are brought into action on purpose, allowing to
identify, among such movements,
signs of change in thought quality. Field research (with
elementary students of Geometry - 3rd grade) pointed out to
the need of mediation regulated by the elements of
theoretical thought - reflection, analysis and internal plan
of actions, as condition to mobilize new levels of thought

Keywords: Teaching. Learning. Theory of Activity.

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