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FW: [LNC] Fwd: Kerry's law firm calls for evidence of voter fraud!

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Subject: [LNC] Fwd: Kerry's law firm calls for evidence of voter fraud!

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> From: Mark Crispin Miller <mcm7@MAIL.nyu.edu>
> Date: 8 November 2004 4:59:57 PM
> To: Mark Crispin Miller <mark.miller@nyu.edu>
> Subject: Kerry's law firm calls for evidence of voter fraud!
> From robin su miller:
> Everyone! Please forward to all who have specifics on vote fraud.  The
> send-to address below is John Kerry's brother at his law firm.  Kerry 
> will
> unconcede if there is solid evidence of fraud.  We need first hand 
> sufferers
> so please get this info to them!!
> I am angry and getting emails and recrimination from people wondering 
> why
> KERRY just caved and is not fighting this before the final count in 
> Ohio,
> before any of the fraud was challenged, before New Mexico and Iowa 
> even came
> in.
> There is widespread feeling that he did not lose the election and that 
> it
> was taken from him.
> There is enough here to warrant investigation and enough to challenge 
> the
> results. It's coming from all corners.
> I understand that he has until the official count certification in 
> Ohio to
> Un Concede which is several days from now.
> Anyone who thinks that he should unconcede should give reasons why -
> whatever they noticed, particularly in Red Republican Governed States 
> using
> electronic machines- and send them directly to Cameron KERRY, John 
> Kerry's
> brother at his law firm at the address CKerry@Mintz.com
> They should inform us if they were not allowed to vote provisionally 
> (for
> whatever reason- they lost forms, ran out of forms, etc.) I personally
> witnessed a number of things as I reported in Texas with the DCCC.
> (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee)
> If you know anyone in particular in Ohio who tried to vote and was 
> turned
> away at the polls please get their information and notify the campaign.
> They should be notified if they experienced lines longer than four
> hours -particularly elderly or infirm people (we call that torture 
> when they
> do it to political prisoners) . They should be notified if people were 
> told
> as has been reported that due to too many people showing up in African
> American precincts, particularly in Ohio where there were too few 
> booths
> (some only had two or three for the entire precinct) and told because 
> of
> heavy turn out they could vote on Wednesday. If the n umbers of these 
> sorts
> of incidents creates a
> percentage margin that exceeds the margin of victory- Un Concession 
> has to
> be made to challenge the count.
> If people wanted to and tried to vote and were prevented or actively
> discouraged from doing so, that is a Civil Rights matter and must be 
> dealt
> with in terms of the ultimate count.
> This is the last email that I am writing on this subject in this 
> venue. I am
> taking it up in other venues.
> Please pass along this to your listservs so that we may make Democracy 
> Work
> in America. We are not a country where he who cheats best wins.
> Cynthia L. Butler
> 1717 K St. NW, Suite 600
> Washington, DC 20036
> http://www.johnkerry.com/index.html

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