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[Fwd: [aera_division_g-announce] Division G Proposal Reviewer Solitication]

This is a request from Division G -- pass it around and apply to be a reviewer!!

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Subject: [aera_division_g-announce] Division G Proposal Reviewer Solitication
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 10:24:15 -0400
From: Donna Harris <dmharris@gse.upenn.edu>
Organization: University of Pennsylvania
To: aera_division_g-announce@listserv.aera.net
CC: Rodney K Hopson <hopson@duq.edu>, Vivian Gadsden <gadsden@gse.upenn.edu>

> Division G: Social Context of Education is currently soliciting 
> volunteers to serve as proposal reviewers for the 2005 AERA Annual 
> Program.  Reviewers are necessary to help us determine the content of 
> our program. Since we desire to have three reviews per proposal, a 
> large pool of volunteers is needed.  Each person can determine the 
> number of proposals to review.  The review process will begin during 
> the second week of August, and continue through late September.  If 
> you are unable to serve as a proposal reviewer, you can volunteer as a 
> session chair or discussant for the 2005 AERA annual meeting in 
> Montreal.  All volunteers can sign up at the AERA Online Submission 
> System by August 3, 2004. If you have any questions, please contact 
> Donna Harris (dmharris18@netzero.com) or Rodney Hopson 
> (hopson@duq.edu), Division G Program Co-Chairs.
> Best,
> Donna M. Harris and Rodney Hopson
> 2005 Division G Program Co-Chairs