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Re: Learning Paradox

There is a reasonably large literature on the learning paradox going back
about 25 years in cog sci with which chat has been in dialogue, Michael. Its
an excellent issue for discussion. Might you provide us with a summary
of some of the key texts/statements?

I am thinking here of Fodor's posing of the issue as a challenge to cognitive
science in about 1981 in Modularity of Mind. Carl Bereiter wrote on this
issue. Newman, Griffin, and Cole have a chat-based discussion in *The
Construction Zone*, a Dutch guy (boom,broom?) as a response somewhat later.

I fear taking on the issue piecemeal in the summer time among the other matters
on our plates, but perhaps its only my plate that is full! I think you can
be pretty sure there are arguments for a learning paradox. the question is
whether the paradox can be superceded.