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Fw: Conference: "Marx and the Machine"

There are still places available for anyone who might be in / passing
through Europe.

Bruce Robinson

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From: "Bob Hughes" <hughesbob@COMPUSERVE.COM>
Sent: Tuesday, May 18, 2004 6:02 PM
Subject: Conference: "Marx and the Machine"

> I hope that some members of Capital and Class will be interested in
> attending this small, informal meeting this September:
> A week of discussion about computers and electronics from a Marxist
> standpoint - for up to 20 people, 11th-18th September 2003, in
> South-Eastern France at Paulianne (an organic farm west of the Alps,
> south-east of Lyon, close to Luc en Diois, on the River Drome):
>         http://paulianne.free.fr/
> It will cost: 60 euros/person/day, full-board (vegetarian food). Come
> for as much of the week as you can manage, or stay longer and bring
> family/friends. Please let me know as soon as possible if you would
> like to come.
> The meeting will go ahead if we have viable numbers by the end of this
> month.
> I intend a low-intensity affair, with a fairly small number of formal
> talks and plenty of time for eating, walking and sitting around. Please
> let me know if you'd like to present a paper, or if you would like
> simply to initiate a discussion on some topic of personal concern.
> Topics may include: the "weightless" economy and "post-industrial"
> society; the open source movement; are today's computers merely
> "marketing by other means"?; have computers saved capitalism or are
> they its 'enemy within'?; the acceleration of obsolescence;
> techno-trash; the real cost of computers; what would a socialist
> computer be like?; code considered as "capital"; global exploitation
> and super-exploitation of computer workers; disembodied postmodern,
> post-human nonsense and the emergence of "the creative industries".
> For a foretaste of my own contribution, see:
>         http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/Opinion/index.cfm?article=84
> With best regards,
> Bob Hughes
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