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RE: Culture as dialogic relation

I agree with you, Mike. Although I also feel that somehow the email medium
affords and causes these derivations.

David D. Preiss
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David-- Re the Benjamin Angelus Novus.

I was seeking to introduce this explicitly to be relevant to the linking
of history and progress. My posting preceeded my reading of Eugene's note
concerning development and directionality.

Eugene's note lays out more of the concerns with the linking of
development, change, participation, history, etc. This is not a topic
we will dispose of quickly.

But lets not go into a discussion of the relationship of critical
theory and chat (never mind chat and socio-cultural theory!) at present,
but rather, see if we can make more progress by sticking close to the
issues in Galperin's work and Arievitch's exposition.

I am still mulling over various places where I feel that people are
talking past one another, but have not seen how to resolve the issues
and know that all are pressed for time, so being relevant to each other
is important.