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Re: Testing

Hi Kevin.

I got bounced from the list recently--Gremlins!

Rather than "correct" the problem, what I did to get back on the list is simply resubscribe.


Kevin Rocap <krocap@csulb.edu>
07/10/2004 05:14 AM MST
Please respond to xmca

To: xmca@weber.ucsd.edu
bcc: David H Kirshner/dkirsh/LSU
Subject: Testing

Dear friends,

This is a test, but please don't ignore ;-) I suddenly realized I have
not been receiving xmca e-mail in a very long time, and am wondering if
I've fallen off the list. If this e-mail comes back to me I'll
immediately send a confirmation that I got it. But if it doesn't come
back to me I'll need to know who to get back on the list. Thanks!

In Peace,