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Re: Culture as dialogic relation

Well, Eugene, for one, as you know, I as an American lack duchovnost' which
is certainly related to the absence of a dusha.  As we Americans sometimes
say, it comes with the territory!  A real  :-))-er.

My message was polysemic and your comment was only part of it, and it took
three days to get posted, so recapturing the whole sequence is a little

But I think the point of our discussion was about whether and if so how
Galperin had overcome the inside/outside dualism but could still talk about
interlanization and subjects introspecting. In my fevered mind I linked
these discussions to relational/process notions of culture.

Lets see what others make of the discussion, if anything, and then try
to build back to the initial topic. Perhaps just another misunderstanding
that masqueraded as a difference of opinion.